Cover Letter and Résumé

A well-written cover letter and résumé are necessary for securing employment and internship placement. These are the first documents hiring committees, school administrators, and potential mentors examine to decide whether to offer an interview. Cover letters and résumés should be entirely error free, highlighting applicant qualities aligned with the position. Use the resources that follow for writing or revising a cover letter and résumé for employment or internship placement.

Resources and Example Cover Letters and Résumés – Employment

Cover Letter Hints  |  Letter_1  |  Letter_2  |  Letter_3  |  Letter_4

Résumé Quick Guide  |  Résumés Tips  |  Create a Resume Video  |  Center for Career and Calling

Resume_1  |  Resume_2  |  Resume_3  |  Resume_4

Example Cover Letters and Résumés – Internship Placement

Letter_1  and  Word Outline |  Letter_2  |  Letter_3  |  Letter_4

Resume_1 and Word Outline  |  Resume_2  |  Resume_3