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Welcome, mentor teachers! Whether this is your first year working with an SPU teacher candidate or you are a returning mentor, we hope this site will provide program details and supplemental resources that to help facilitate a successful classroom partnership. Bookmark this page for easy access to up-to-date information.

Please watch the video above, which will tell you more about Teacher Education at SPU. Then explore the information below for specific program information and supplemental materials.

We are excited to partner with you this year, and hope this experience is an enriching one for you, your teaching candidate, and your classroom.

1. We have compiled several documents to help you understand your student teacher’s program specifics and internship responsibilities. Mentor Development Meeting Schedule

Refer to this Blueprint List of Internship Activities for a chronological activity tracking sheet.

Read the Mentor Handbook provided for your student teacher’s degree program: ARC-MTMSARCSE MAT, or Undergraduate

Use the Internship Checklist provided for your student teacher’s degree program: ARC-MTMS, ARC-MTMS Online, ARCSE, MAT, or Undergraduate.

2. During your time as a mentor you will be asked to assess your student teacher’s disposition and classroom performance.

Familiarize yourself with SPU’s Disposition Assessment  and Internship Performance Criteria, which you’ll use for these evaluations. You may also wish to use our WOWs and WONDERs form to provide feedback to your intern.

For additional information on these and other evaluative tools used by SPU, watch Assessments to Promote Teacher Knowledge, Skill, and Positive Dispositions.

3. Candidates may request letters of recommendation at the conclusion of their student teaching. For examples, refer to:

4. Most mentor teachers qualify for clock hours through SPU.

Clock hours vary by degree program: refer to the handbook included in your mentor packet to view your eligibility. When it is time to register for these clock hours, you will receive an email from our office with a registration link, instructions and the deadline by which clock hour registration will close. To receive these clock hours at no cost, new mentors should read the articles and complete the self-assessment quizzes found in items #1, 3, and 4 on the Mentor Professional Development page of this website. Returning mentors who have taken those quizzes before can instead complete a short reflection on the prompt found here. Return the clock hour registration form and verification 1/2 sheet included in your mentor packet by the deadline listed on your instruction sheet – clock hours postmarked after this date cannot be processed. 

Please contact Elisabeth Scott at with any questions regarding clock hours.

5. You will receive a stipend as a small gesture of appreciation for your hard work. 

Stipend amounts vary by degree program and reflect the amount of time spent with your intern. Please fill out the W-9 provided by mail in your mentor packets (or download one here) and return it so we can process your stipend payment. Remember that incomplete W-9s (such as a missing social security number or blank signature line) may delay your payment.

You will also need to complete an electronic Mentor Info Form to receive your stipend. This form is required of all mentor teachers, and includes data necessary for official reporting purposes. Please contact Elisabeth Scott at for any questions regarding stipends or your Mentor Info Form.


Any questions? Suggestions? Send them our way!

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